西宮市 / 住宅 / 木造 地上2階 / 2011 / 撮影:太田 拓実







荒々しい自然の中に踏ん張る少々太めの4本の足は、木の下にいるような安心感や樹木のもつ解放感を与えると同時に 「転がってきた岩が“なんとかとどまった”」様な不安定な外郭形態を許容している。


Nishinomiya / house / W2F / 2011 / Photographer:Ohta Takumi

The site is a copse on a steep slope located in a quiet residential street corner in Hyogo, Japan. The two sides have a 10m elevation difference and surrounded by retaining walls. The attractive point is the superb view from the east.

To remain the rigor topography and to live with the superb view within a limited cost, a four-leg wooden house is planned. The standing four-leg frame is also wooden and constitutes the structure of the house.

The portal frame stands obliquely and firmly. Two spatial elements are formed. One is liberating a commodious space, and another is the frame being blended into the space.

Because of the eastern & southern large opening, plenty of sunshine can keep the room warm during the winter days without heating. The connection with the slit on the north makes the structure light.

Walls are wrapped by carpets flapping down from the 2nd floor through the void. And the triangle building block steps, the whole wall storage enrich the changes and experiences in the white box.

With the standing four legs, a sense of security and freedom can be felt. Therefore, the unsteady shape which likes a stuck falling rock can be understood.